Gaia Herbs Candida Cleanse


Contradictory to the common belief the presence of candida is normal as long as it is found in controlled numbers. In fact this bacteria that is similar to yeast is commonly found on the genital walls, rectum, gut along with other areas. The complication due to candida occurs only in the cases when it starts to outgrow against the good bacteria found in the body.


A number of factors promote the growth of candida which include;


  1. Improper or high sugar diet
  2. Stress
  3. Pollution
  4. Use of anti-biotic
  5. Pesticides
  6. Alcohol etc.


The patients who are suffering due to the overgrowth of candida in their bodies can always opt for the Gaia herbs candida cleanse treatments which will help to maintain the operations of the digestive system working at the best. This treatment plan is holistic and supportive and has a tenure of about fourteen days to cleanse the body from the extra candida for good. This plan consists of both liquid tincture and herbal powder which play an important role in starving the candida by making its sugary environment unsuitable for it to grow.


The patients will use up to thirty drops of the black walnut herb that has been found to be very effective against the growth of candida in combination with a number of herbs to restore the natural balance of the fungi and the bacteria in the bodies of the patients.


In the next phase a combination of different extracts named as the sweet bitters will be introduced into the treatment, which the patients will require to drink prior to eating their meals. In the third phase a concoction of different powdered herbs will be taken by the patients to cleanse their body of any traces of candida. Sugar content, yeast and other candida prone food is strongly prohibited during this treatment plan.